Marion Francis McGlothlin b.1882~Dallas~1930 Census

The very first McGlothlin I have uncovered is a Francis McGlothlin who was born about 1846 in Texas.  In 1930, he lived with his wife of two years, Nettie and his mother Francis on County Line Road in Dallas County, Precinct 8, District 144.  They were enumerated on 18 April 1930.  Francis was literate and he was a farmer at this time.  Both his parents were born in Tennessee.

Nettie was 46 at the time of the 1930 census but states that her first marriage was at the age of 18 whereas, Francis listed himself as being 48 years old and that he was 46 at the time of his first marriage.  Is it then safe to assume that these two have only been married for 2 years?  This census also gives us the information that Nettie was born in Texas, as was her parents.

His mother Francis McGlothlin, 84, was widowed and stated that she was born in Tennessee, her father born in New Jersey, and her mother born in South Carolina.

Charles A. and Catherine Selzer lived on one side and Joseph L and Mary E Powdrill lived on the other side of Marion and his mother as neighbors.

Now I need to find Francis in the 1920 census and see what is going on in his life during that time!


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