Introduction and Disclosure

What am I doing here?  OHHHHH myyyy gawddddd……Can I learn how to blog? I hear it’s the raging thing now on the internet and for years I fought it as I pulled out my hair while trying to put java and html and anything else I could put together to make music pages.  So, now I am ready to take the easy way out and try to make some sense out of my family!!  I have been searching for years for information on my father’s parents – been thru many computers – many genealogy programs – and websites and still have not been able to find them soooooo I am going to attempt to go thru the census for the whole state of Texas starting with Bexar, Comanche, and surrounding counties and will provide information on the McGlothlin and Alderete families as I find them on the census.  An in between times…. I may ramble and rant and rave and git down in da floor and laugh my hiney off for no particular reason – Am I crazy?  Maybe so but this will be one heck of an adventure!!

My Disclosure: 
– Any genealogy related company, service, product is welcome to contact me and send me their book, website, etc to review. Be it known tho, If I do review, the review will be posted on my blog.
– All opinions on my blog and websites are my own, and not necessarily the opinion of any other person or company or organization with whom I may be associated.  All facts will be sourced in some way or another, if possible.  You may not use the contents of this site for commercial purposes without explicit permission from me, the author and blog owner. Commercial purposes includes blogs with ads and income generating features, and/or blogs or sites using feed content as a replacement for original content. Full content usage is not permitted.
– I am an indexer for a free genealogy site but never ever save the documents while indexing.  What information i glean from these documents are gleaned when I am searching not when indexing.

-If I do post any documents they are either my own property or credit is given to where credit is due.


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