Marion Francis McGlothlin b.1882~Dallas~1910 Census

1910 Census gives us a little surprise.  We are not sure which way to go with Marion Francis’ name.  Stop and remember, in the 1930 census he’s listed as Francis, 1920 census as Marion F, and on the 1910 census he is listed as Francis M.  So which is his first name?  We also find that in the 1910 census that Francis M has a younger brother named Ben F.  Ben was 21, Francis was 28, and their widowed mother was 63 on the 15th of April in Dallas County Justice Precinct 2, District 108, Sheet 1A. All were literate and their home was owned. 

So, what happened to Ben, a laborer,  in 1920 and 1930?  I may have to do a quick search for him just to satisfy my curiosity somewhere in the very near future.

William and Virgie Berleson, and Charles A and Addie Crouch were their neighbors


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