Marion Francis McGlothlin b.1882~Dallas~1920 Census

On the 1930 census, Marion Francis McGlothlin is listed just as Francis McGlothlin, but on the 1920 census he is listed as Marion F. Mcglothlin, age 37, who was living with his widowed mother, Francis McGlothlin. age 74. His mother was born in Tennessee but there is a discrepancy as to where his father was born because in 1930 it’s listed that he was born in Tennessee and in the 1920 census it states he was born in Missouri.

Francis, his mother, has her father’s birthplace in New Jersey and her mother’s in South Carolina.  Francis was a farm manager on a general farm and Marion Francis was a farm laborer on a home farm.  Both were literate and Francis owned the home that she and her son lived in.

These two lived between Jim L. and Lizzie Herrimaen and James A. and Emma Crouch.   This family was enumerated in Dallas County Justice Precinct 8, District 110, Sheet 4B on 4 Mar 1920.

So, the questions come up as to who his father is and what happened to him. How long has Francis been a widow?  Will we find the answers in the 1910 census?   Some questions we will never find the answers, but then again, if we do?  Then, it will be one more patchwork square added to my mystery family quilt of life.


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