Ben F McGlothlin b.1897~1930 Census~Comanche

Ben F McGlothlin, age 33, was a commercial Trar (could the enumerator possibly mean trader when he wrote Trar?) for a Lightning System,  He was 24 years old at the time of his first marriage and his wife Amy L, age 29, was 21 years old at the time of her first marriage.  Ben was born in Texas as was both his father and mother.  Amy and her mother both were born in Texas, but Amy’s father was born in New York.  Amy was a homemaker with two sons at home with her.


Bennie M, age 7, son
Victor Gene, age 5, son

Ben and Amy were neighbors to William A and Iona McGlothlin and J Frank and Bulah E Ross.  Were William and Iona McGlothlin Ben F’s parents?  It is a missing patchwork piece that we may soon find out.

My grandmother is a McGlothlin and according to my father was born in Comanche in 1896 but as of yet I have not been able to find her. She is why I have decided to list every McGlothlin I find in the Texas Censuses in hopes that she will pop up and I will be able to find out then who my great grandparents are. sooooooooo good luck to me i say!!

This page was enumerated on 8 Apr 1930 but if you look on the side of the page you will see that starting with Ben McGlothlin, the rest were enumerated on 9 Apr 1930.


Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Comanche, Comanche, Texas; Roll: 2311; Page: 9B; Enumeration District: 1.



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5 responses to “Ben F McGlothlin b.1897~1930 Census~Comanche

  1. Belinda McGlothlin Branch

    My great grandmother McGlothlin lived in Comanche TX…I remember meeting her one time. Who is your father? Here is some of my family tree info:

    Victor Gene McGlothlin is my deceased father.

    Benny McGlothlin is my deceased uncle.

    Amye Lee McGlothlin is my deceased grandmother.

    Amye and Ben McGlothlin (both deceased) are the parents of Victor and Benny, and they are my deceased grandmother and grandfather.

    Death Info:

    Mcglothlin Amye Lee 05-24-1984 DALLAS F (mother)

    Mcglothlin Victor Gene 11-03-1995 DALLAS M (son)

    Mcglothlin Benjamin Franklin * 10-12-1985 DALLAS M (son)

    Belinda Leigh McGlothlin-Branch

    • Belinda, my father is Donald Frankie Alderete. His mother was Helen Mcglothlin supposedly born in Comanche. I say supposedly for I have no documentation on this.

      • Belinda McGlothlin Branch

        Hi…sorry it has taken me so long to respond. My husband has recently been diagnosed with a fatal brain cancer, and all my time is being spent with him…leaving little time for my emails.

        If Helen McGlothlin was born in Comanche, she has to be related to my grandfather, Ben!

        I’m told that my first-cousin, Mary, is tracing our family tree. Perhaps she knows how Helen is related to our branch of the family tree.

      • I am so sorry to hear about your husband Belinda and my prayers and heart goes out to you and your husband for I know what you are dealing with. My husband was diagnosed in Nov of ’99 and I lost him in Jan of 2000 to Colon cancer. Spend all the time possible with him and do not regret your decision. Others can wait….he can’t. Please email me when you have time and it’s not taking away from him at and keep me updated on him along with if you just need a shoulder to cry on, know I am here for you.

        I would love to talk to your cousin to see if there is a connection or not. I recently contacted the library in Comanche, Tx and was spoken to rather rudely and was refused help and to be honest disheartened me somewhat on looking for information from there. Do you have a birthdate on your grandfather? Were your McGlothlins the only ones in Comanche at the turn of the century? It’s a possibility my grandmother and your grandfather are siblings at the least cousins. Would love to hear from you.

  2. Allen Knight

    My grandparents were Russell and Lucy Helen Boynton McGlothlin. Amy Bonton married one of Russell’s brothers. Pretty sure it was Ben. William A. and Iona McGlothlin were my GGrandparents. They lived across the road from the Energy Cemetery. Energy is on the Hamilton Comanche county line.

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