Grandmother! Grandfather!!….Where are you???

I have searched for many years looking for my grandmother and have often wondered why no one knows anything of her.  So, this makes me wonder….am I looking in the right place?  Apparently not!!! lol…..According to my father my grandmother was born in Comanche, TX in March of  1896.  She married my grandfather and they were married a long time before my father was born.  My father has been told that he was born in San Antonio TX but I have not been able to find any birth records in the Texas Birth Records nor in the January, February, and March newspapers that are available online.  Dad said they moved to Mississippi when he was 3 and after moving around in several places in Mississippi they settled down in Myersville, Mississippi, where Dad ended up playing football for the Rolling Fork High School.  At the age of 12. my father’s house burned and they lived for several months in the barn with sheets hanging up to divide the place into rooms.  My grandfather was the plantation manager and my grandmother was well-known in the community for her fresh butter that she would churn and sell.  When the house burned, all important papers were lost.  Thru the years my father served in the United States Marines in the Korean War.   I do have a copy of my grandfather’s death certificate from where he died in Arizona.  My grandfather never got to meet me, even tho he was so excited about me coming into this world for he had a fatal heart attack on January 18, 1958 and I was born in May of ’58.  My grandmother died when I was 18 months old from lung cancer and the short time that I was in her life, she doted on me and spoiled me rotten according to my mother.  So, below is the vital information that I have that is still yet to be proved by documentation. Dad says he thought he was born in a hospital called Baylor Hospital and was christened in a Catholic church in San Antonio, but which one???

Frank Estrada Alderete 

Birth: 27 JUN 1897 in Floresville, Wilson Co,Texas
Death: 18 JAN 1958 in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Az, USA

Helen McGlothlin

Birth: 23 MAR 1896 in TX
Death: 4 OCT 1959 in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Az, USA

Frank is listed on the 1920 census but have not been able to find him anywhere else. 

I would love to find birth certificates, marriage records, christening records……..anything!!!!

Where are these people???????


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