William A McGlothlin b.1873~1930 Census~Comanche

William A McGlothlin, age 57, was renting a home on 2nd East North in Comanche Town, Comanche County, Texas for he and his family. He was born in Texas and both his parents are listed as being born in the United States.  He was the manager for Falling Farm.  He was 20 years old at the time of his first marriage and his wife Iona, age 54, was 16 at the time of her first marriage.  Iona was born in Texas, her father was born in the United States and her mother was born in Georgia.  Iona is listed as being a homemaker.  All in this family are literate.


Wilda, age 24, daughter, stenographer for an insurance company
Chester O, age 19, son, manager of a tailor shop
Billy L, age 17, son, no occupation

Living next door to them on one side is Columbus W and Rosa A Douglas and on the other side is Ben F and Amy L Mcglothlin, who I will highlight in my next post.  Is Ben a son of William A McGlothlin?  We can only find that out at the moment by going further back into the census records.  This record was enumerated on 8 Apr 1930.


Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Comanche, Comanche, Texas; Roll: 2311; Page: 9B; Enumeration District: 1.



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7 responses to “William A McGlothlin b.1873~1930 Census~Comanche

  1. allen knight

    Ben F. and my Grandpa, William Russell, both married Boynton girls from Logan’s Gap.


    • Thanks for the info Allen, My biggest interest is trying to find someone who knows of a Helen McGlothlin, my grandmother, born in 1896 in Texas, supposedly from Comanche County. I will add your info to my notes. Thank you so much!

  2. Allen Knight

    William A’s dad was named Ben Franklin. He had a brother named John. John is buried north of Hamilton at Gentry Mill Cemetery. I have seen the name Helen tied to one of these mcGlothlin’s. Might try to contact Susan Laird in Hamilton. She has lots of info.

  3. I am located in northwest Alabama and wishing like crazy I could be in Texas to do research.

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