W N McGlothlin b.1857~1930 Census~Eastland

W N McGlothlin, age 73 owned his home in Eastland, Ranger County, Texas.  He was born in Texas, father was born in Missouri, and his mother was born in Tennessee.
W N was 21 when he first married and in 1930 he was a retail merchant that sold school supplies and candy. 

W N’s wife was M A McGlothlin until we can find out what her maiden name is.  She was 16 at the time of her first marriage.

C A McGlothlin was widowed and lived with his parents in 1930.  He was a cook in a restaurant. 

Who was C A’s wife?  When did he marry?  Did he have any children and if so, where are they?  Why we initals used on this census family and what do they stand for?
Enumerated 2 Apr 1930

Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Ranger, Eastland, Texas; Roll: 2325; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 15.


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