Ralph McGlothlin b.1905~1930 Census~Matagorda

In a town on the gulf coast of Texas there is a town called Palacios (pronounced puh-LASH-uhs), which today, is proclaimed the “Shrimp Capital of Texas”.  On the 1930 census we find a Ralph McGlothlin, age 25, along with his wife, Agness, age 23 who were renting in Palacios.  Ralph listed that he was born in Nebraska, his father born in Illinois, and his mother born in Iowa.  Agnes was born in Texas, her father born in Tennessee, and her mother born in Texas.  Ralph was a mechanic at a garage and Agnes did not work anywhere.  Ralph was 23 and Agnes 21 when first married and no children were listed on this census with them. 

The Mcglothlin’s neighbors were a 79 year old woman named Henrietta  who was widowed but did have a roomer.  The other neighbor was Jens P Jenin and his wife Karen who were in their 40’s and Jen’s occupation was listed as a general Contractor.
Enumerated 10 Apr 1930.


Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Palacios, Matagorda, Texas; Roll: 2375; Page: 7A; Enumeration District: 7.


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