Surname Saturday~McGlothlin

Just where on earth did the McGlothlin name originate?  I know there are many variations of the name but the one that is linked to my family is the McGlothlin spelling.  The different spellings that I have run across has been McGloughlin, McLaughlan, and McLoughlin.  I am sure there are many more because as we all know back in the olden days church scribes and officials recorded the names down as they heard them.  Many times this would cause one person to have several different names. 

Long before the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 A.D., the McGlothlin clan held a family seat in the County Meath, Ireland.  Thousands of Irish emigrated to North America in the 19th century in hopes of a better life and to escape the Great Potato Famine of the late 1840’s in Ireland.

From what information I have been able to glean, the McGlothlin migrated into and around Virginia and Pennsylvania and then they began to spread out towards the west with some even living on Native American Reservations in Oklahoma and Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas.  I am sure there are more in other states as their thirst for a better life led them westward, battling the hardships that it took to migrate, never giving up the one atribute that kept them going: HOPE!



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8 responses to “Surname Saturday~McGlothlin

  1. tammie mcglothlin cooley

    i am a descendant of the McGlothlin from Missouri- i am traveling to ireland this summer and will look for any informaion i can gather on this name

    • Have you got an extra big suitcase to carry with you? If so, please pack me in it and take me with you!! I would love to keep in touch with you and hopefully we both can come up with some answers on this name. I would so love to be able to find my grandmother’s family. Please be safe on your trip.

      • I am desperate to find my people but it is very difficult to find out because we don’t have a single McGlothlin family tree. I heard that most of them live in Texas. You may be able to find more matches if you get a DNA test. Did you try that ? may be you are my sister 😉

      • I have thought about a DNA test but just have not followed thru with it. There has been some illness (my mother) and sad to say I have neglected this blog horribly. I don’t know about sister, maybe a cuz? LOL

    • Ireland is a fun place. I LOVE IT……….It’s a great place to raise a Family. How many countries have you visited and wich one is your favorite ??

      • I have kept my feet planted firmly on the USA side of the ocean lol. Mother and Dad did go to Italy and loved it! I would dearly love to not only go to Italy but to Ireland and England visiting the countrysides more so than the tourist side in order to get a better concept of how the people live and did live back in the olden days 🙂

  2. April Tannahill

    My name is April Tannahill, and my moms name is Dianne McGlothlin. Esther Painter and Jesse McGlothlin are her grandparents. I really hope to hear back from you. my email is

  3. Dianne McGlothlin

    As my daughter, April Tannahill, wrote in the above comment my maiden name is McGlothlin. This, of course, is an irish name, I’ve traveled to Scotland, London, and Paris but have not yet traveled to Ireland. My father was John Henry McGlothlin. He was a doctor and raised in Springfield, Illinois along with his brother and his 5 sisters. Esther Painter, my beloved grandmother, passed away in December of 1975. I don’t have much information regarding my grandfather, Jesse McGlothlin.
    That said, I’m planning to go onto the website in hopes of finding more information. It’s a shame that neither my father’s side of the family nor my mother’s side of the family really kept in touch. In hindsight, I feel it’s important not just to have a family connection but for health reasons as well. Some medical conditions are prevalent in families and it’s beneficial to have this knowledge.

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