Earl W McGlothlin b.1881~1930 Census~Knox

On Switzer Avenue, in the town of Munday, Knox County, Texas, Earl W McGlothlin  owned his home and had more than the usual living within his household.  When I saw this on the census, I thought…mmmmmm  This is the 1930’s…..Depression….and these people are not listed as laborers or boarders to help offset the expenses of these extra people living within the household.  So, I scrolled on over out of curiosity to see what kind of job this Earl held and saw that he was the president of a bank in this town.  What a generous man to take in different family members and care for them.  Earl, age 49, was 23 when he first married.  He was born in Missouri and both his parents were born in Tennessee.  His wife Brantley, age 39,  was 19 when she first married.  Step children are listed so it is safe to assume that Brantley had been married before and because of the age difference and age of first marriage for Earl, along with his children that are listed are older than his stepchild, one could almost say that his marriage to Brantley was not his first marriage either. Brantley and her parents both were all born in Texas.
Below I will list in order as shown on the census the members of his household other than he and his wife.  Maybe you can see what I am seeing as far as the multiple marriages between the husband and wife.

Lillian McGlothlin- age 16, daughter, single, born in Texas – no occupation
Earl W McGlothlin – age 13, son, single, born in Texas – no occupation
Wanda Sloan – age 11, step-daughter, single, born in Oklahoma, no occupation listed.
William E McGlothlin – age 7, son, single, born in Texas, no occupation.
Alice F Robertson, age 86, grand mother-in-law, widowed, born in Mississippi and both her parents born in Tennessee.
Pat Talliaferro, age 21, nephew, single, born in Texas as was his parents, Occupation: Bookkeeper at bank.
Enumerated 16 Apr 1930

Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Munday, Knox, Texas; Roll: 2367; Page: 10B; Enumeration District: 13.


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