Ernest McGlothlin b.1892~1930 Census~Comanche

In the county of Comanche, Texas, Ernest McGlothlin, age 38, rented a home and resided with his wife, 2 sons, and 2 daughters.  Ernest  was born in Texas as was both his parents.  At the time of his first marriage he was 22 years old, and his wife, Elizabeth J McGlothlin, age 36, was 21.  Elizabeth and her father both were born in Texas and her mother was born in Illinois.  Ernest’s occupation was a farmer.


Arnold B, age 14, son, born in Texas
Juanita E, age 12, daughter, born in Texas
Tera W, age 10, daughter, born in Texas
James K, age 3 and 8 months, son, born in Texas
This family is one of the few McGlothlin families that I have found in and around Comanche and makes me wonder just how closely related I may be to them, that is, if the information I got from my father, who in turn got it from his mother, that she was a McGlothlin and born in Comanche, TX in 1896.  Whether I will find out or not if Ernest is a brother or possibly a cousin of my grandmother, remains to be unseen.
Enumerated 8 Apr 1930 by Cecil Sadler.

Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Precinct 3, Comanche, Texas; Roll: 2311; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 9.


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