Mystery Monday – My grandfather who loved me but never met me

Today, I am going to dwell on my grandfather on my father’s side of my family.  Some of the info I will be sharing has been passed down to me via my father and mother, and other information is what I have been able to source out.  My grandfather was a very special man according to my mother.  She had the joy of knowing him and I only know of him thru my parents.  Frank Estrada Alderete was born in Floresville, Wilson County, Texas on 27 Jun 1897 according to his death certificate we were able to obtain from Arizona.  I have been able to find him on the 1920 census where he lodged with a family that owned a funeral home in San Antonio.  He was their chauffeer.  I have no marriage certificate nor birth certificate as of yet.  Some time between 1920 and 1934 he met my grandmother, Helen Mcglothlin.  I was told that she was born in Comanche County, Texas 22 Mar 1896.  They had my father, and again, we have no proof of my dad’s birth 18 Feb 1934.  When my parents needed to go to Italy for my brother’s wedding, Dad had to get a half cousin (now deceased) to verify that he was born in the United States in order to get his passport, and then later this was used for him to apply for his social security.  When my father was 3, they moved to Mississippi and after several moves, they settled down in Myersville, which is not far from Rolling Fork, Mississippi where my father graduated high school from.  My grandfather became the overseer of a plantation there in Myersville in the ’30’s and when Dad was about 12, their house burned.  Dad said all their important papers were burned up in that fire.  The owner let them move into the barn until they could get a house built for them.  Sheets and quilts were hung up to divide the different rooms off in the barn for their living quarters.  After Dad graduated from Rolling Fork High School, he enlisted in the army, served his time and then married my mother.  In 1957, my grandparents sold all of their belongings and caught a bus headed for Arizona and stopped to spend the night with my parents before going on.  Mother said that my Dad’s job was not the greatest at that time so he quit his job, and they packed the car up and moved to Arizona.  My grandfather petted and spoiled my mother horribly for she was then carrying me, his first grandchild.  He could not wait for the day when I would be placed in his arms but sad to say, just a few short weeks after moving to Glendale, my grandfather died of a massive heart attack on 18 Jan 1958.  I was born 15 May 1958, and from then until the fall of 1959, I had a grandmother who doted on me unmercifully, showering me with love, compensating for the love of the grandfather who never knew me but loved me.

So many questions, has come up concerning these two people in my life.  Why can I not find him on any other census?  And what about my grandmother?  I cannot find her either, nor, when their marriage took place.  On the death certificate of my grandfather, a social security number was put there that matched the social security card my father has on his Dad, but yet when I try to search out the databases for that number, nothing comes up.  So what gives?  What can I do to solve this mystery?


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  1. Ann

    Proably from Mexico.

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