Another story to try to decipher and source out

Well….I went over to my Dad and Mom’s Tuesday night about 10:30.  It seems like my night owl habits has rubbed off on them for they go to bed anywhere from about 10 pm until whenever,,,,,midnight….1 am…2 am…just whenever they feel like it!!  Well Dad could not get the sound to work on his computer when he tried to play a video of my niece Nakwisi singing on you tube.  I could brag and say my niece is just like me, beautiful and talented….hahahaha….(and we know this just isn’t so lol)  She will go a long way with her voice and I hope she lets nothing stop her or hold her back in doing something that she has loved to do since she was a toddler.  Not only is she a beauty but she has the voice of an angel!!  She’s will be 13 in a few days and I hope she has the best birthday ever!!  I love my 2 neices dearly and am so proud of both of them.  That is why, when I found out Dad could not get sound to download the you tube on laptop and take it over to them to hear her sing.  When mother listened to it I thought I saw her almost tear up and I could see the pride in both of my parents for their granddaughter they rarely get to see.  Well, by the time we got thru with watching the video, me checking and fixing Dad’s computer, and then me digging for some more information from my Dad on his family…..yano how it is….once that genealogy bug bites ya, there’s a never-ending cure and it constantly itches and the only salve that soothes it is that “Let’s Talk Genealogy Salve”.  And once you get your “fix”, you race back home, as I did going on 1:00am with instructions from my mother to go to bed and get some rest, but instead,  hop on computer and start searching like crazy with the new tidbits of information you just heard about on your family.  Tonight, I found out that the first name of my grandmother’s father was unusual and my grandfather used to tease my grandmother about it.  I also found out that one of her uncles was in the Civil War and that a musket ball had hit him in the leg and he lost the leg.  He had a wooden leg after the war.  Now, Dad can’t remember if this soldier was a McGlothlin or if he was my grandmother’s uncle on her mother’s side.  I am so hoping that I find out it’s a McGlothlin and tie the line in that way, because if I find him, then it’s a strong possibility I will be able to find out who my great great grandparents were and in turn then find out who my great grandparents are.  Another mystery, another hair-pullin’ search – gotta love it!!! And I do!!!!!!!


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