Those places Thursday – Iuka, Tishomingo County, Mississippi

Iuka, Tishomingo County, Mississippi was named after a chief named Ish-ta-ki-yu-ka-tubbe. Iuka, which is pronounced eye-you-ka is a small town close to the Alabama-Mississippi line and was founded in 1857. Chief Iuka endorsed the Treate of Pontotoc Creek 20 October 1832. This town is the county seat for Tishomingo. In 1862 on the 19th of September, a battle was fought during the Civil War. Alot of my family settled in and around Iuka and the nostalgia of having the sense of stepping back in time gently arouses the senses everytime I go to and thru Iuka. From the covered bridge next to the peaceful looking park to passing by and wondering if walls could talk, just what would all these beautiful historic homes say and tell me about my ancestors who lived here many years ago. Every year we have a cousins reunion here in this town at the park and not only get to meet cousins we have never met but get to reminisce with the ones we do know and share with everyone stories and antedotes of different ones of our ancestors.




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2 responses to “Those places Thursday – Iuka, Tishomingo County, Mississippi

  1. I’m going to have to give that mieral water a try…1st prize at the world’s fair was a big honor. 🙂
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

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