Tombstone Tuesday – Martha Jane South


Martha Jane South, my 2nd great grandmother,  was born 1838 in Wayne, Tennessee. She married John Gibson Kennedy who was born 16 Mar 1831 in Alabama.  They settled in Iuka, Tishomingo County, Mississippi.  They had 9 children:  Newell J Kennedy 1859-1924;  Louisa J Kennedy 1862-1910; Hannah Jane Kennedy 1863-1941;  Mary Ann Kennedy 1864-1865;  John Henry Kennedy 1866-1945;  Samuel Robert Kennedy 1869-1935;  Jesse Kennedy 1871 – ;  Taylor G Kennedy 1877- ;  Caleb G Kennedy 1885-1959.  Her son Samuel Robert Kennedy is my great grandfather.



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6 responses to “Tombstone Tuesday – Martha Jane South

  1. Jean Metcalf Foster

    My sister and I are very much amatuers at this geneology thing and have not been able to get much information from what is left from our living relatives. We have many Kennnedy’s buried in the cemetery and beleive we are related to John Henry Kennedy and Emma Robinson Kennedy. The reason we beleive this is the lttle information that has been handed down about being related to the Kennedys and Robinsons. We have been searching for our Grandfather, Robert Lee Kennedy and have found no record of him anywhere. He was married to my grandmother Verda Hearn Kennedy. They had 6 children together, many of whom are buried at the same cemetary. My mother Vera Lee Kennedy Metcalf remembered that he died when she was about 6 years old. She was born in 1922. No recall as to where he is buried, exact year or anything else. Haven’t even been able to find him in census records. Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello Cousin!!!

      If you are related to Robert Lee Kennedy that you have stated in your post, then yes you are related to John Henry Kennedy and Emma Robinson Kennedy. John Henry would be your great grandfather. If you will look under my Kennedy Category you will find a picture I posted of John Henry and Emma Kennedy. These are Robert Lee’s parentsand you will see where I talked about John Henry on my Wordless Wednesday cheat sheet post. I have a lot of dates and information if you would like to contact me by e-mail, I would be proud to call you and talk with you on the phone imparting any information I have to help you. Just give me a number and time to best call you.

      Robert Lee also served in the Army and as far as his burial I currently have Mt. Gilead where Verda is also buried. I have a picture of her tombstone and while I wait on your reply will look to see if I can find his. I also have a copy of John Henry’s death certificate. Most but not all of the information I have was retrieved from a family bible.

      Anxious to hear from you. My e-mail is swhite515 at

      • Bobbie Kennedy

        Hello, don’t know if you will get this message but I am a Kennedy – related to Robert Lee Kennedy (would be my grandfather), my father was Robert Lee KEnnedy Jr. My name is Bobbie Lee Kennedy. I live in Millington, TN just outside Memphis. I ran across this purely by accident, never knew anything about the Kennedy family. Please contact me at Thanks. Bobbie Kennedy

    • Bobbie Kennedy

      Hello – if you get this message, please reply. My name is Bobbie Kennedy, Vera Metcalf was my Aunt (my father’s sister). My father was Robert Lee Kennedy, Jr. I live in Millington, TN just outside Memphis. Please contact me if you like.

      Bobbie Kennedy

      • Jean Foster

        Hi Bobbie, I believe I am your cousin Jeanne. We met a long time ago (back in the 70’s I believe) when I was visiting Aunt Verna with my family. Exciting to hear from you!

      • I believe you are right cuz lol….Bobbie gave us the line as to the relationship to this crazy family ha ha. We have already exchanged emails and I was going to tell Bobbie about you and your sister also doing research. IF you would like, send me an email with your number and I can three way us. I plan on calling some time this evening. Not sure if you still have my email or not. I lost a lot of information out of my phone when I dropped it and had to get a new phone so I have no way of contacting you either by email or phone. My email is Hugs!!

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