Sentimental Sunday~Easter Egg Hunt at an Old Homeplace

I am sitting here thinking back over everything that happened Saturday and feel so blessed to be a part of my family.  I did not get to post anything yesterday because Mother, Dad, my daughter, and I took a little trip to Iuka/Burnsville area, Tishomingo County, Mississippi for the annual Easter egg hunt my second cousin has each year for the young children at her old home place.  Earlier, in my blog, I had posted a picture of her father, Leander Kennedy standing in front of his car.  I was told last night when She and I talked, that in 2016, the home place will be 100 years old.  I can remember going there when I was young, and the first thing Aunt Ocie would try to do would be to give me a kitten once all the hello hugs were given out.  I was young and very impressed during those times that my precious aunt would entrust me with such a sweet little furball of life and then reality would slap me in the face when I would find out the kitten I had just adopted from her could not come home with me.  Mama’s “NO” was the checkmate in that game! 

When you stepped upon the wooden front porch that had chairs to sit in and a swing on one end of the porch, one could go thru the breezeway or as southerners called it, the dog trot.  The parlor was on the right of the breezeway and the bedrooms and kitchen were to the left of the “dog trot”.  The rusty tin roof that is currently on the old homeplace brings back memories of when you could hear raindrops falling and hitting the tin and one would swear up and down that during that time….”Best sleeping weather ever!”  Behind the house was the smokehouse and down the hill just a little ways was the barn.  The quiet peaceful life of growing your own vegetables, smoking your own meat and living a life close to the land is very evident here.  I don’t remember how many acres of land he had but I do remember that it seemed the “piney woods” would go on forever and ever when I visited there as a child. 

It was such a delight to see my cousin and her husband, Faye and O.L., cousin Gail and her husband, James, her daughter Amy and Amy’s four boys, Stone, Ethan, Drake, and Branson.  I also got to meet another cousin, Hannah and Brandon, and their two children from Uncle Willard Kennedy’s line along with some family friends that came to enjoy the fun.  It was so good to sit and reminisce and visit with loved ones as we watched the young children play, hunt easter eggs, and choose their prizes.  I heard quite a few good stories on the Leander family along with Uncle Willard’s family; some funny, some heartfelt, and some of the sentimental stories that literally pulled at your heartstrings.  So many years, lives, and stories have passed in this family; some rooted deep within our hearts and soul as well as some that has been forgotten until the mind is triggered by some look, word, or action and the wonderful tale is once again shared among family members.  My desire is to see these stories recorded down in some form or fashion for our descendents to be able to look back to see what a crazy, loving family they came from, recognizing some of their own great personality traits, convictions, and morals in their ancestors they currently possess.  As Edmund Burke once said, “People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors.”


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