Those Places Thursday~Coal City, St. Clair County, Alabama


I have searched high and low on the internet looking for information about Coal City, St. Clair, Alabama and have not been able to find much about it.  This community does have a historical marker at Harkey’s Chapel United Methodist Church and tells how the church was originally in a log house.  The church was originally founded about 1829-1830  and then between 1903 and 1904 the present day church was built.  This church was named after its first pastor, Reverend David Harkey of Catawba Circuit.  It was placed on the Alabama Registry of Historical Places in 1978.  The reason I am writing about this place is to make note of it for future references for study because my husband’s grandmother, Mary Emily Thomason b, Dec 1883  was born in Coal City along with several of her siblings.  In fact, her sister, Lelia A. Thomason was born today in the year of 1891 in Coal City.  I have not done much in tracing my husband’s family but eventually will just so my children will know who and where they came from on their father’s side along with knowing the different towns and communities they emigrated to until they finally settled down in and around Decatur, Morgan County, Alabama.  Happy 120th Birthday Lelia Thomason!


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