My Family Ramblings~ cheat sheet on wordless wednesday

ok ok ok….I did my wordless Wednesday posting a pic doohickey and I am about to bust a gut to be able to tell you about this gentle soul who was my great grand uncle so I am posting  my family rambling here. 

 Whether it be rumored or fact, this man was the family doctor and dentist and according to some family members, it has been told that he was taught how to care for his family from a Native American Medicine Man.  He pulled teeth and took care of sickness within the family.  He used nature – herbs to help heal his family from various ailments.  Many times Nancy Emmaline would go into the woods or down to the river banks looking and gathering roots, berries, bark, leaves, and wild herbs to bring back home for John Henry to mix up for his various medicines.  He knew that willow bark tea with wild parsley in it would ease joint pain for people who suffered from arthritis and that it would also help a sour stomach.  He became so well-known that he would send his medicinal herbs to other parts of the country either by people passing thru or by mail.  Eventually modern medicine took over and the knowledge he had of these herbs died with him for none of his children carried on what their father had learned and practiced the majority of his life.  What I wouldn’t give to be able to just sit down and pick his brain on herbs!! 

There is a story that John Henry Kennedy was on his way to see a patient when he ran across a family that was traveling thru during the depression looking for work.  John Henry Kennedy, Sr. stopped by the wagons and spotted 2 small children in one of the wagons.  I am sure he was taken by surprise when he started teasing about the little girl trying to ease their stop and worries over repairs by saying with a smile “Give me that little girl and I will take her home with me.” and the mother said no but you can have the boy.  The family gave no name so John Henry Kennedy gave the boy his name and he became a Jr.  He ended up going to school, fighting in WW2, married and had seven children.


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