Those Places Thursday~Mayersville, Issaquena County, Mississippi

My grandfather was a plantation manager in the late 1930’s and ’40’s in Mayersville, Issaquena County, Mississippi, after moving his family from San Antonio, Texas.  I am not sure how to spell it but was told it could be Humchetta….possibly even Homechetta Plantation.  In 1945, my father said their home burned to the ground and the owner let them live in the barn until they were able to rebuild a home for them on the plantation.  Helen McGlothlin Alderete, my grandmother hung sheets up to partition the area of the barn they were in for the different rooms….such as the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, etc.  How long they had to live in the barn I don’t know but I also know that people used to come from miles around just to buy the butter that my grandmother would churn and sell to make extra money.  Times were hard back then and every little bit of help went a long way.  I would love to know how to actually spell the plantation, where it is actually in Mayersville, whether or not the name has changed and who would possibly have the record books that could possibly contain information on my grandparents and where my father lived from the time he was three years old until he became a grown man and joined the Marines.  Maybe one day……….


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