Mystery Monday~Helen McGlothlin-Texas

This week I have spent hours pouring over the Texas births from 1930-1935 putting all names that even remotely resembled my maiden name.  Then I turned around and started a search with my grandmother’s maiden name (surname only) as the mother on ancestry for those years in hopes of trying to find records on my father’s birth.  Dad said he was told that he was born in Bailey Hospital and that it was a private hospital in San Antonio, Texas.  The only place I can find my grandfather is on the 1920 census as a lodger.  I was able to locate a newspaper clipping of where my father was listed as one of the returning football players for Rolling Fork, Mississippi high school.  No records that I know of is on my grandmother and I would really like to find her and my grandfather both. The only name I have on her is Helen maybe Hellen McGlothlin born 22 Mar 1896 supposedly in or close to Comanche, Tx.  My grandfather is Frank Estrado(Estrada?) Alderete born in Floresville, Tx in 1897, possibly 1898.  Some time between 1920 and 1934 my grandparents married, gave birth to my father in 1934 and when he was 3 they moved to Issaquena County, Mississippi, where my grandfather became the manager of Homochitta Plantation.  His social security number will not come up in a search on the ssdi database even tho we have his ss card and it’s listed on his death certificate. How I would so love to solve this mystery.


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