Scratching the One Side of My Head That Has Hair

Yep, that’s right!!!!  I am scratching the one side of my head that has hair because the other side of my head???  Is totally bald from pulling it out over census and birth records that I cannot find!!!  Let me lay some groundwork for you….My grandfather’s name is Frank Estrada Alderete.  My grandmother’s name is Helen McGlothlin.  She was born in 1896 and he in 1897 possibly 1898.  My father was born 18 Feb 1934.  I can find my grandfather on the 1920 census in San Antonio, Bexar County, TX.  Supposedly he was born in Floresville, Wilson County, TX.  I have searched from 1932 all the way up thru 1940 and you will understand why in a few.  I have found no birth record whatsoever of my father in these records, BUT I did find the birth record of his half cousin he was born on his birthday when he was 6.  Now here’s the funny thing.   Supposedly my grandfather had a half-brother and his name was Aurelio Rodriguez.  The son he had on my father’s birthday was named Aurelio Alderete Jr.  with the mother’s name Francisca Herrera.  The weird thing is that when I looked at his birth record that was listed with the state of Texas, it has ***DO NOT ISSUE*** where the father’s name is and I know for a fact that he had other brothers and sisters. I also know he wasn’t stillborn that he died in his 40’s.   I have not checked their birth records yet to see if the same thing was listed or not on the father’s name with the siblings like Aurelio Jr’s,  but in time I will.  This Aurelio Jr was also born in Williamson County, TX.  I did find an Aurelio that was born in 1895 living with his brother on the 1900 census but my grandfather was not listed there from what I can tell.  My father is very sure that Aurelio was born after his father was which does not really match up with this Aurelio on the census.  Dad says that my grandfather’s mother died when my grandfather was approximately 2-3 years old.  His father remarried a Rodriguez and they had Aurelio and my grandfather was supposedly born like I said earlier either in 1897 or 1898.  and I want to say there were one or two more children from that union also but have no documented proof.  Also on this 1900 census record is the in-laws and a daughter listed on his brother.  The strange thing is the in-laws last name is Esterindo.  Mighty close to Estrada isn’t it?  Could over the years the names and ages etc. could have possibly gotten mixed up in passing down family history by word of mouth?  I cannot find a marriage record on my grandparents either.  I will be having to search at least for that between the years of 1920-1934.  Now here is something else to think about.  Isn’t it strange how close Wilson County and Williamson County sounds as you pronounce them?  Could it possibly have been Florence, Williamson County instead of Floresville, Wilson county for his birth in 1898? And then when he became a young man he went to San Antonio where he found work and a place to lodge, which was with his employer who owned a funeral home.

I talked with a friend of mine that runs a lot of documents for a company in the state of Texas.  She informed me tonight that I needed to run a trace on my grandfather’s middle name that was his mother’s maiden name.  She said it is very common for the Mexican men to take on their mother’s maiden name as their last name to honor her when they get married, even tho legally they still have their father’s surname.  That sometimes they would jump back and forth between the two names.  I do have a newspaper clipping where my father had the Alderete surname in 1948 where his coach had listed him as one of the returning football players for the high school team.  I have been told all of my life that we came from Italy to Texas but as I dig further and further into this I am beginning to wonder if we actually came from Mexico.  On top of this, I think my grandmother fell out of the sky and met my grandfather for I can’t even find a trace of her either.  So yeah, I have already gone half bald over this brick wall and I am now working on the other side of my head…..hey!!!  don’t fuss!!!  I gots to match it up…..i may walk lopsided with only half a head of hair!!!  Anyone willing to help me pull the rest of my hair out??? LOL


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One response to “Scratching the One Side of My Head That Has Hair

  1. Katheryn Alderete Gamino

    My grandmothers name was Francesca Herrera Alderete. My grandfathers name was Aurelio Alderete (as was my uncle). They’ve all since died except for one of my grandmothers sisters who resides in Bexar county. Small wold? Who knows. I’d like to find out more though. My moms aunt is really the only person we know who can give us any info. She’s old, and frail but we would be willing to ask.

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