Shopping Saturday~A Southerner in a store in Pennsylvania

  • This week I had a comment on one of my posts with the Kennedy family and after quite a few e-mails between each other, I came to the conclusion that we were third cousins.  I have a yankee cousin!!!!  Who would have “thunk” it???  Yes, you heard me correctly….I said thunk and not thought.  I just had to bring in a little bit of my southern roots in order to give my new found yankee cousin a laugh when she reads this.  Are Southerners illiterate? In no way are we in my family.  We just know how to use words and to pun them in order to get a laugh, which is why I have to tell the story of my trip into the deep Yankee lands of New York.  Did I mention that we travelled thru’ Pennsylvania?  Even with the beautiful scenery we passed, it too was almost as much of a culture shock as New York was to this (coughs) gentle (coughs again) southern bred child. 
  • My sister was living on a military base in the most Northern part of New York when she became pregnant with my niece.  As time got close for my niece’s big debut into this world, my mother flew to New York to be with her.  The plan was for her to be there for the birth and once it happened, my father and I would drive up to see the family and to bring mother back home.  Well, anyone living up North knows what kind of weather we faced in our journey when my niece was born on February 25, but we bravely packed our bags and headed into unknown lands wondering if we would safely return home unscathed.  Things were going great until we reached Pennsylvania and pulled off the Interstate for fuel.  We were already debating on how much further we could travel due to the blizzard that was hitting the state.  Dad began to pump the gas into the car and told me to look into the glove compartment for an “ank pan”.  I searched that whole car over looking for that particular item and never could find it.  Grabbing my billfold, I walked into the little “rinky-dink” “mom and pop” service station/store so I could buy that “ank pan”.  Up one aisle and down the other…Up the third aisle and then retraced my steps in search for my treasure with no luck of espying the one thing I wanted more than anything in the world at the moment.  Finally, I gave up and walked up to the counter where this young girl was standing, waiting on customers, and chit chatting with the locals who were gathered around drinking coffee.  I wasn’t sure if it was the coffee they were enjoying as much as the company of the young clerk.  Maybe it was being inside where it was warm but they all definitely watched as I approached the counter and began to open my mouth to speak.  I asked the girl, “Do you sell ank pans?” She said, “Do what?”  I once again asked the question, “Do you sell ank pans?”  Again, with a puzzled look on her face, she asked, “Do we sell what?”  By this time, I was beginning to get frustrated because I knew I was speaking perfect English!!!  What on earth was wrong with this kid????  Don’t she know what an “ank pan” is?  Finally, I took my hand and held it like I was writing up in the air and said, “I need to buy something to write with….an “ank pan”.  And with a look of surprise on her face as our “locals drinking coffee” were avidly watching the exchange, she blurts out, “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  I thought you were needing something for the car, like a car part, you know….oil pan….ank pan….I was trying to figure out what part you needed!”  By then my gentle southern ways exploded to the forefront and in my most drawled out southern voice I replied, “Wellllllll, Honeeeeeey, I am frummmmm da South.  Now, Do you happen to so kindly have an “ank pan” I can buy?”  By then, the locals were laughing so hard, I looked for any moment to see several just absolutely lay down on the floor and roll around.  It’s amazing what one woman can get herself into over a simple ink pen and the desire of pleasing her father by providing this item so he could keep up with the gas mileage on this trip.  I have had several online Pennsylvanian friends and many have wanted to call and talk with me but I warn them….”I live in Alabama and speak English, and your language is????”
  • The next few posts I will be concentrating on sending her information on the family, some verified, some unverified, in hopes that we get confirmation from different family members to help confirm or to give the correct information so you all will have to bear with me in my current quest to help her.  The only reason I am posting the unverified information is that possibly it will give her a path she can follow in case she has not done so as of yet.


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3 responses to “Shopping Saturday~A Southerner in a store in Pennsylvania

  1. Jean Metcalf Foster

    Oh Tess you are too funny! If my grandmother Verda Lee Kennedy heard you call me a yankee she would turn over in her grave! I am simply a yankee by birth but my mother certainly never was one as she was born and raised in Mississippi. She moved to Oregon in 1945 to marry my father whom she had met during the war while he was in Mississippi during training. So I guess technically me and my sister Muriel are yankees. I married a military man and have moved all over the place, including spending 4 years in Alabama. Does that count? lol. We ended up with him retiring from the military in California and thats just kind of where we stayed and it is where most of our family lives. We came to Pennsylvania about 18 months ago because of a job transfer, so you can see we still have not quit moving around. My sister moved to Texas (and yes by the way San Antonio) to be near her daughter who had also been sent there because of a job. But my heart is still in California where my children and grandchildren are and will move back after my husband takes permanent retirement in 5 or so years. I don’t know if California is yankee country or not, but yes I guess you do have some yankee cousins!

    • I figured that calling you a yankee would get a rise out of ya!!! LOL……Your only saving grace is that you do have southern blood too hahaha.I just couldn’t resist the tease. Was too perfect Not to do it. Now, I will give you a little secret….I was born in Arizona…..we moved to California, then to Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, and then Alabama…..So, I guess you could call me a transplanted southwesterner hahaha…. If Muriel is willing I would love some help on my father’s side for that brick wall has been so solid that even a sledge hammer has not cracked it yet. I have only found my grandfather in the 1920 census in San Antonio and that is why I am so interested in that area. Did I not promise you in the e-mailto you that you would get a kick out of this post????….snickering and giving you a look of innocence as I fluff my feathery wings and readjust my tarnished halo!!

  2. I don’t know where my head was when I posted this shopping saturday post……I posted it on Tuesday instead of Saturday!!!!….I promise i was sane and sober when this happened!!!……mmmmmm maybe i will do a highlight saturday about a Tuesday blog post……Who said we cannot switch up the days of the week??? This week we will be looking at the days of the week as follows….Sunday-Monday-Saturday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Tuesday….A normal week for me!

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