Wisdom Wednesday~Family Takes Care of Family

Data extracted from John Henry Kennedy’s Standard Certificate of Death

State File No 1636

1. Place of Death
County:  Alcorn
City or Town:  Corinth, Miss.,
Inside Corporate Limits Edgar Vot. Pre.
Hospital: None
Street No.:  1412 Allen St.
Length of Stay in this community before death:  2 Months
2.Residence before Death:  Calhoun City, Calhoun County, MS
3.(A) Full Name:  John Henry Kennedy
3.(B) If Veteran, name war:  None
3.(C) Social Security: None
4.Sex:  Male
5.Color or Race: White
6.(A) Single, widowed, married, divorced:  Married
6.(B) Name of Wife:  Emma Robinson Kennedy
6.(C) Age of wife if still alive:  73
7. Birth Date of Deceased:  Sept.22nd,1866
8.Age: 78 Years 4 Months 14 Days
9. Birthplace: Tishomingo County, Mississippi
10. Usual occupation:  Farming
11. Industry or Business:  Farming
12. Father: Gipson Kennedy
13. Father’s Birthplace: D.K.
14. Mother: Martha South
15. Mother’s Birthplace: Tishomingo County, Mississippi
16. (A) Informant’s Signature:  M G Kennedy
16. (B) Address: Corinth, Mississippi, #3 Son.
17. (A) Burial:  Mt. Gillard Church Cemetery
17. (B) Date: 2- -45
17. (C) Place: 4 mi. E Burnsville, Tishomingo Co.
18. (A) Signature of Funeral Home director: McPeters Funeral Home
18. (B) Address:  Corinth, Miss
19. (A) Date recieved local registrar: 2/17/45
19. (B) Registrar’s Signature: Mary Lee Johnson
20. Date of Death:  Month: February  Day:  5th
    Year:  1945  Hour: 1:00 AM
21. I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from
    Feb 3, 1945 to Feb 3, 1945, that I last saw him alive
    on Feb 3,1945 and that death occurred on the date
    and hour stated above.
    Immediate cause of death:  Cerebral Hemorrhage due to
    Hypertension. Signature of Bernard Patrick, Corinth,
Questions and things of note.  I have notes but no confirmation that M G Kennedy is John Henry’s #3 son.  Am I missing a child or was this M G actually, Marshall Gipson, the #2 child of John Henry?  Was this a typo on the death certificate?   My curiosity also has the best of me as to his places of residence.  He had only been in Corinth, Alcorn County, MS for two months when he had passed; Calhoun City before that.  How long had he lived in Calhoun City?  Why did they move at this time in their life?  If they moved to be close to a child because of being elderly and possibly sick, what child lovingly took care of their parents late in their life?  Years ago, family took care of family. It was unheard of to put a family member in a nursing home, when there was family able and willing to take on the responsibility of their care.  In today’s fast paced world, most have lost the essence and the importance of how love and responsibility of family goes hand in hand.  One of God’s Ten Commandments was to honour thy father and mother and I often question how one can throw a parent, who spent years of devotion to rearing their children, into a nursing home and forget about them.  Don’t get me wrong, for I know there are some cases where the children just are not physically or financially able to care for their parents, but you rarely see these forgetting and not visiting them in the nursing home.  They stay in contact with that parent and keep a close eye on the care they are receiving.  Apparently, I am going to assume this was not the case here and that John Henry and Nancy Emmaline moved close to a child who was able to lovingly take care of them until their demise. Even tho’, the children did not follow in their father’s footsteps in learning the ways of herbal medicines, they did follow his footsteps of having a big and loving heart carrying down the importance of family thru generation after generation.  Now that I have been on my soapbox this morning, it’s now time to do a little bit of cleaning as I ponder the questions I have come across in this post today, that is, unless someone is willing to “lovingly” come do it for me and let me sit here and be a queen for the day!!….grins evilly as I look around for volunteers!!!


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  1. Ben Kennedy

    M G was Marshall Gibson son number 2. He was my grandfather. John Henry went to Corinth, MS and was living with his granddaughter, Elsie and her husband Tony Justice when he died.

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