Kennedy Cousin Family Reunion

Saturday, June 25, we had our cousin reunion at Mineral Springs Park Community Center.  There was enough food to feed half of Iuka!!!  If there is one thing to take note, you will never go hungry around a Kennedy for all who cooked, knows how to cook well enough that you think your tongue is going to come out and slap your eyeballs out as you eat.  Meeting new relatives and seeing ones I already knew were such a joy.  We were all saddened to hear that cousin Gail (James’ wife) and Aunt Elsie could not make it due to sickness.  I hope all who read this will say a small prayer for their recovery.  I talked with Faye this morning and she reported that Gail is feeling much better.  I couldn’t help but tease and tell her that Gail was too mean to even think about getting ill and kicking the bucket, that she was as mean as me, and we both laughed because we know that there is none sweeter than Gail.  Jennell Trulove brought a quilt top that she has been working on that was absolutely stunning with various embroidery stitches and the Walker sisters brought a quilt that had dozens of pictures of their family screenprinted on material and put into a beautiful quilt.  Their quilt will absolutely become an heirloom within their family line.  As we visited, I was hoping Ollie didn’t realize I was drooling all over her and that I considered her at the moment my very “bestest of bestest” friends, cousin (whatever you wan’na call it) at the very moment she admitted that she had an accordian and knew how to play one.  That is something I have always wanted to do.  If things go as planned, she will be bringing it next year to play along with a keyboard.  Now, I wonder just how well that would sound if my son brought his trumpet, and anyone who had a guitar came and played.  It could become a yearly Kennedy Reunion Jam Session!!! LOL. When Mary Sue Wright arrived, she introduced us to her pets.  She had two “Mississippi Mosquitos”.  I have no idea what kind of plant these little critters were made of, but hide and watch me for some time soon I will be making some transplanted “Mississippi Mosquitos”.   Mine will be “Alabama Skeeters”!  Word of advice:  It pays to hang around Sue when she’s passing out seeds! 

Several different lines of the Kennedy Family were represented and are as follows:

  • Hannah Kennedy Wilson line (sister to John Gibson Kennedy)
  1. Billy West
  2. Dale Wilson
  3. Mary Sue Wright
  • John Henry Kennedy line (son of John Gibson Kennedy)
  1. Teeny Walker
  2. Ollie Walker
  3. Joy Smith
  • Caleb Kennedy line (son of John Gibson Kennedy)
  1. Jennell Kennedy  Trulove
  • Will and Mattie Robinson Johnson line also nephew to Ovie Johnson Kennedy  who was married to Caleb Kennedy.
  1. W E Johnson
  2.  Betty Johnson


 Samue Robert Kennedy line

  • Leander Walker Kennedy line (son of Samuel Robert Kennedy – grandson of John Gibson Kennedy)
  1. Faye Kennedy Robinson
  2. O L Robinson
  • Hattie Rosie Kennedy Burns line (daughter of Samuel Robert Kennedy – granddaughter of John Gibson Kennedy)
  1. Amy Rory
  2. Eithan Rory
  3. Stone Rory
  4. Branson Rory
  5. Drake Rory
  • Robert Williard Kennedy line (son of Samuel Robert Kennedy – grandson of John Gibson Kennedy)
  1. Edwin Kennedy
  2. Brenda Kennedy
  3. Seth Kennedy
  4. Hannah Ruple
  5. Emilyn Davis
  • William Dolphus Kennedy line (son of Samuel Robert Kennedy)
  1. Sue Kennedy Alderete
  2. Teresa Alderete White
  3. Drew White
  4. Ali White
  5. Kathy Bradley Alderete
  6. Charles Everett Edwards (grandson of William Dolphus)

Look for pictures very soon on this reunion.  If you could not make it this year, you were surely missed, and we look forward to seeing you next year!



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2 responses to “Kennedy Cousin Family Reunion

  1. Laura

    Hi, I am sooo happy I found your site. I am Laura M. Kennedy Williams, Daughter of James Robert Kennedy, Granddaughter of William D. Kennedy. I have been looking up some info on my family tree. You may also want to know that I have 9 children. You may want to add their names somewhere on your family tree stuff. Waiting for a reply, Laura

    • Laura, I have often wondered what had happened to you. I am so glad you have contacted me!!! I tried to email you at the email provided here and for some reason I got a mailer daemon from it. If you will email me at swhite515 at I would love to talk with you personally and maybe we can set up a time when we can. Thanks.

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