1910 Census~Porter Johnson~Alcorn County, MS

Below is the information from the 1910 Census of Porter Johnson.  These records are transcribed exactly as they were recorded on the census.  Many times the people who went from house to house taking the census could barely read and write, spelling names to the best of their ability,  while others among them were very literate and had beautiful handwritings as they correctly spelled the names of the people they were enumerating.  The enumerator for this particular page of the census was Herman L. Reynolds.

  Note: Given names without surnames listed in the parenthesis of the neighbors are the same as the first surname that is head of the household.  I normally only post 10 neighbors on each side of the main household I find on the census but upon further review I am assuming I found the father of Porter Johnson as the 11th neighbor but would like to find further documentation for proof and chose to list him.
The 11 households(neighbors) enumerated before this family with head of household listed first and the rest listed in parenthesis along with ages and relationship to head of household:

11.  Johnson, George T-55 (widowed with birthplace in Mississippi; father from North Carolina, and mother from Ohio)
10.  Watkins, Henry P-69 (Lobra(wife)-67; Ellen(daughter)-30; Henry(grandson)-11; Potts, Robert(ward)-13)
09.  Weathers, Odell-19 (Mandy(wife)-20; Bonnie(daughter)-11/12)
08.  Kennedy, John W-23 (Vinnie(wife)-24; Nolan(son)-2; No Name(daughter)-4/12)
07.  Baine, William F-38 (Mary E(wife)-33; Willie(son)-15; Arthur(son)-13; James(son)-11; John(son)-8; Clara M(daughter)-5)
06.  Baine, David C (Margaret M(wife)-54; Pearl(daughter)-16; Earle(son)-13)
05.  Burns, Raphael A-74 (Lydia E(wife)-64)
04.  Baine, George W-35 (Millie(wife)-32; Maudie(daughter)-10; Henry L(son)-8)
03.  Hendrix, Albert K-24 (Addie(wife)-20)
02.  Hendrix, James S-57 (Margaret A(wife)-43; Simeon(son)-20; Gus W(son)-18; Llewelyn(son)-14; Charlie C(son)-11; America R(daughter)-7; Nellie C(daughter)-5; Theodore(son)-3)
01.  Rider, John D-40 (Josephine(wife)-35; Euley(son)-16; Eva(daughter)-11; Looney(son)-8; Tandy(son)-5; Napoleon(son)-2)

  • Name: Johnson, Porter
    Age at last birthday:  23
    Sex:  male
    Number of years of present marriage:  3
    Occupation:  farmer/ working on own account
    Education:  Could not read or write
    Ownership of Home:  Rented farm
    Number of farm schedule:  83
    Place of Birth: Mississippi
    Father’s Birthplace:  Mississippi
    Mother’s Birthplace:  Mississippi
  • Name: Johnson, Louisa (wife)
    Age at last birthday:  32
    Sex:  female
    Number of years of present marriage:  3
    How many children born:  2
    How many children living:  2
    Place of Birth:  Mississippi
    Father’s Birthplace:  Mississippi
    Mother’s Birthplace:  Mississippi
    Education:  Could read and write
  • Name: Johnson, Lola (daughter)
    Age at last birthday:  2
    Sex:  female
    Place of Birth:  Mississippi
  • Name:  Johnson, No Name (daughter)
    Age at last birthday:  2/12
    Place of Birth:  Mississippi

The 10 households(neighbors) enumerated after this family with head of household listed first and the rest listed in parenthesis.  Age is listed after each name.

01.  King, Thomas-28 (Alice(wife)-25; Maggie(daughter)-2; Parker(son)-7/12)
02.  Burcham, Levi-41 (Mead(wife)-41; Ona(daughter)-18; Lona(daughter)-16; Ruby(daughter)-14; Gethie(daughter)-12; Minnie B(daughter)-10; Berry(son)-8; Georgia(daughter)-5; Norah(daughter)-3; No Name(son)-1)
03.  Vest, Mattie-55 (widowed)
04.  Duncan, Price-47 (Louisa(wife)-44; Neily(daughter)-16; Leah(daughter)-12; Ishmael(son)-10)
05.  Burcham, Elijah-37 (Mollie(wife)-34; Robert(son)-15; Dora(daughter)-7; Moore, Minnie B(niece-in-law)-2)
06.  Leggett, Demosthenes-36  (Jimmie(wife)-28; Henderson(son)-10; Rotie(daughter)-8; Lucile(daughter)-5; Leatra(daughter)-3; Georgia(daughter)-1-7/12)
07.  Maness, Melrose (Sarah(wife)-25; Perry(son)-7; Elsa(daughter)-5; Major(son)-4)
08.  Baine, James M-50 (Lucretia(wife)-50; Kenneth(son)-18; Luther L(son)-11; Kilcrease, Wesley(step-son)-23; Carpenter, Susanna(sister-in-law)-52)
09.  Jenkins, Nelson O-62 (Catherine(wife)-73; Wallace, Ethel(granddaughter)-17)
10.  Wheeler, Olander W-31 (Luxola(wife)-32; Annie K-(daughter)-7; Wyndom(son)-6; Neoma L(daughter)-4; Osbon(son)-1-11/12; Wallace, Mary(niece-in-law)-12)
Source:  Thirteenth Census of the United States, 1910 (NARA microfilm publication T624, 1,178 rolls). Records of the Bureau of the Census, Record Group 29. Beat 2 Alcorn County, Mississippi


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