Hiya – my name is Tess.  My quest is to try to patch my family together in one huge family patchwork quilt.  One side of my family consists of the Alderetes and McGlothlins from Texas.  The other side consists of Kennedy and Johnson from around the Tishomingo County, MS area that has been traced back to South Carolina.  Currently I am concentrating on the McGlothlin and Alderete families with the Johnson and Kennedy families sneaked in here and there thru the stories I tell.  I reside in Lauderdale County, Alabama and am willing to help look up any information at the courthouse or library as needed.

When I am not trying to heal the genealogy bug that bit me many years ago, I love playing with my dogs and playing games on the computer and in between times?? Building custom-made websites……sheesh that sounds like work!!  As you can see, my first love is my family and its history.  I am knowledgeable enough to know how to cross every “T” and dot every “I” but sometimes in order to make a person come to life, I enjoy using my knowledge to tell the story in a Southern-Styled narrative, and therefore, put a smile on your face as you possibly reminisce back into time……OK OK OK let’s face it….I am just a dumb southern hick trying to write a blog!! LOL


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  1. Muriel Clampitt

    Tess, I would love anything you have written on John Gibson Kennedy. I could write more on Robert Lee. John Henry seems interesting to me and I’d like to read his story also. All the others talk of buckles etc., but get no reponse when I ask for pictures. I’d appreciate any help from you. I’m trying to get things together for my aunt who is 92 and very interested and short on time.

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