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1870 U.S. Census of John Gibson Kennedy~My 2nd Great Grandfather

The following census data is not only on my 2nd great grandfather but also on my great grandfather Samuel Robert Kennedy, along with his siblings that were born before 1870.  The name was spelled Kennidy on this census record.

The 10 households(neighbors) enumerated before this family with head of household listed first and the rest listed in parenthesis along with ages.

  • 10.  Woodall, Zepeniah-42 (Bebina-22; William R-17; James D-15; Anderson T-11; Denna-6; John R-2; Purser,Jane-17; Purser, Ellen-13; Purser, James M-17)
  • 09.  Durham, John W-27; Sarah J-28; Robert M-12; Roslin-10; Frances M-4; Daisey D-2)
    08.  McCoy, James-29 (Martha A-30; Sarah D-9; James F-7; America C-5; Wm Green-3; Measey-2; Roberty-2/12; Measey-60)
  • 07.  Carpenter, James F-24 (Martha L-20; Lori A-2; John T-7/12;Alexander-11)
  • 06.  Davis, Harvey-48 (Melissa-24; Josephine-14; Lasse-12; Thomas-10; George-8; Johnie-1)
  • 05.  Davis, George-25 (Reeves, Willis-25; Reeves, Nancy A=25; James H-3; Martha C-1; Sarah E-2/12
  • 04.  Seago, Wm-63 (Yaw George-42; Nancy C-42; Rebecca-18; Kate-16; Rusella-14; Fedrick-12; Jeffy-10; Billey A-3)
  • 03.  Moore, John-51 (Nancy-41; Liners-23; Allen-19; Darcas-17; Luticia-12; Robert-8; America-2)
  • 02.  Moore, Mary J-40? (Holder Melissa-16; James-14; John-12; Rufus-10; Betty-8; Moore, Hester-19; Robinson Wm-19)
  • 01.  Moore, John-24 (Catherine-19; Roda E-1)

Below is the information from the 1870 Census where John Henry Kennedy was 4 and my great grandfather, Robert Samuel, was approximately 3 months old.  If a line is answered with an “X” then it means that particular column on the census was checked.  It also appears that a Joe South (brother to Martha J?) resided within the same home.

  • Name: Kennedy, John G (was spelled Kennidy)
    Age at last birthday:  40
    Sex:  male
    Race:  white
    Occupation:  farmer
    Value of Real Estate Owned:  440
    Value of Personal Estate Owned: 300
    Place of Birth: Alabama
    Male Citizen of U.S. of 21 years of age and upwards:  X
  • Name: Kennedy, Martha J
    Age at last birthday:  32
    Sex:  female
    Race:  white
    Occupation:  keeping house
    Place of Birth:  Tennessee
    Cannot write:  X
  • Name: Kennedy, Newel J
    Age at last birthday:11
    Sex:  male
    Race:  white
    Occupation:  works on farm
    Place of Birth:  Mississippi
    Cannot read:  X
    Cannot write:  X
  • Name: Kennedy, Hanna R
    Age at last birthday:  9
    Sex:  female
    Race:  white
    Place of Birth:  Mississippi
    Name: Kennedy, Mary A E
    Age at last birthday:  7
    Sex:  female
    Race:  white
    Place of Birth:  Mississippi
  • Name: Kennedy, John H
    Age at last birthday:  4
    Sex:  male
    Race:  white
    Place of Birth:  Mississippi
  • Name: South, Joe
    Age at last birthday:  21
    Sex:  male
    Race:  white
    Place of birth:  Mississippi
    Male Citizen of U.S. of 21 years of age and upwards:  X

The 10 households(neighbors) enumerated after this family with head of household listed first and the rest listed in parenthesis.  Age is listed after each name.

  • 01.  South, John-26 (Mohaly-25; Nancy J-4; Mary C-1)
  • 02.  Williams,George H-36 (Susan-27; John S-9; Moore, James M-6; Williams Lowvin-1)
  • 03.  Heatton, Thursay-41 (Elizabeth-14; Bob-7; Henry-16)
  • 04.  Reeves, Hillis-60 (Mary-49)
  • 05.  Reeves, Newel-22 (Theodora-24)
  • 06.  Howard, Robert-26 (Mary J-24; Robert R-5; William S-3; Matilda-1)
  • 07.  Howard, Darwood-63 (Pella-56; Edward B-23; Crissa-22; Harriet-15)
  • 08.  Allison, George W-24 (Emiline-28; Virginia-7; Isaac S-6; Samuel-1)
  • 09.  Goins?,Franklin-37 (Permelia J-26; Lila A-5; Bennett L-2; Louisa-1/12
  • 10.  South, John B-27 (Mahalie-22; Nancy J-4; Catherine-2; Mary R-18)


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Tombstone Tuesday – Martha Jane South


Martha Jane South, my 2nd great grandmother,  was born 1838 in Wayne, Tennessee. She married John Gibson Kennedy who was born 16 Mar 1831 in Alabama.  They settled in Iuka, Tishomingo County, Mississippi.  They had 9 children:  Newell J Kennedy 1859-1924;  Louisa J Kennedy 1862-1910; Hannah Jane Kennedy 1863-1941;  Mary Ann Kennedy 1864-1865;  John Henry Kennedy 1866-1945;  Samuel Robert Kennedy 1869-1935;  Jesse Kennedy 1871 – ;  Taylor G Kennedy 1877- ;  Caleb G Kennedy 1885-1959.  Her son Samuel Robert Kennedy is my great grandfather.


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